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  • Twirly Reflections - Handcrafted Cane Wall Mirror
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As you decide just how to bring in those vibrant finishing touches to your room, one of the most impactful unique home decor decisions you can make is where and how to incorporate stylish and artful mirrors. These wood wall mirrors can make a big statement on par with the most exciting artwork and wall decor while also serving important and unique functions for every room you place them in. 

Where to Hang Mirrors?

It is best to place mirrors in entryways and dining rooms, but they highlight living rooms and bedrooms and hang near windows depending on your aesthetics and design principles. 

Long mirrors add a sense of drama and are best placed in a long hallway. Be cautious about putting a mirror in the bathroom, kitchen or neglecting proper mounting practices for safety. Don't shy away from grouping mirrors of varying sizes on a wall to add visual appeal and create a statement in your home.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Here are some points to consider when hanging up a mirror on a wall:

  • Beware of hanging mirrors on walls near or opposite of windows that catch the light of the rising or setting sun.
  • Small mirrors are best hung on a small wall, and larger mirrors or oversized mirrors look better on a larger wall. You can create interest where it is practical by hanging up a mix of varying sized mirrors. In this way, you can use them as wall hanging decor.
  • Mirrors are a great way to make a room feel larger. And according to the principles of Feng Shui, a mirror will amplify positive or negative energies in a space.
  • Consider the eye-level height at which a mirror is hung. Hang a mirror too low or too high, and you can make things visually uncomfortable, especially in dining rooms, bathrooms, and bedrooms.

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